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Welcome to Zenhub's developer website where you'll find information about our public APIs. These APIs enable you to develop your own product management flow and unlock the full power of Zenhub. Should you have any questions or are experiencing problems, please reach out to us.


Zenhub's GraphQL API provides access to the entire data structure from issues and epics, to reporting and beyond. Meant to give you access to many of the same features we use to build Zenhub, the goal of this API is to enable you to customize your experience based on your own rules, no matter how complex. Head on over to our getting started guide to learn more.



We recommend that new projects use the GraphQL API. It has more features and is actively being improved. If you're interested in switching from the REST API to the GraphQL API, please see the guide Moving from REST to GraphQL.

Zenhub's REST API was our first public API offering, allowing you to begin taking advantage of all that Zenhub has to offer. For more information, please see the REST API's documentation.

Getting support

If you have any questions or feedback, contact us ( for help. If there's something you'd like to see added to our API, you can submit a feature request and our Engineering team will take a look.