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Postman Collection

This page contains access to Zenhub's hosted Postman collection. This collection provides an easy way to get started with our GraphQL API.

About Postman

Postman is a tool that allows a user to get up and running with an existing API quickly using the Postman app on their local machine or in their browser. Collections and Workspaces for Postman allow quick access to an API through pre-configured requests. Learn more about Postman on their website.

Using this Collection

Follow our getting started guide to generate your API token for the GraphQL API. Launch the collection by clicking the button below: Run in Postman

With the collection launched in your browser or local Postman app, configure the PublicToken global variable with the API key generated above. With the key configured you are now able to make requests using the collection. Happy coding!

Feel free to watch or fork our collections and workspaces on Zenhub's Postman page.